There are 4 of us

I'm Caroline and I head up this gorgeous company .  I am passionate about everything I do and go round shops touching everything saying "ooo I love that" - so much so, my hubby says im a nightmare to buy for as I LOVE everything.


Who else makes up our team ?


Sarah (LIz): The most gorgeous, heartwarming and softest person you could ever meet.  She knows everything about flowers and often tells me off for not knowing the correct names !


Carole: What a woman ! amazing at everything from baking the best homemade apple pies to whizzing up a bespoke bouquet within minutes.


Annie: a 'behind-the-scenes' guru.  keeping us on track with our paperwork, telling us off when we don't get receipts However keeps throwing us amazing visionary ideas which helps our creative side flowing.


Between all of 4 of us, there is nothing we can't do, from: Imagining, Designing, Planning & Implementing.


Hand on heart, we really are amazing !